Valley of Knights: Mira’s magical Christmas

We follow little Mira and her brother on a fantastic journey to the Valley of Knights, a mysterious valley ruled by a young and fair queen. When the queen´s wicked uncle discovers a magical armour, the forces of good in the valley is threatened. Soon all depends on the courage of a little girl.

  • Directed by: Thale Persen
  • Written by: TLars Gudmestad, Harald Rosenløw-Eeghale Persen
  • Cast: Nils Jørgen Kaalstad, Kyrre Hellum, André Eriksen, Tone Beate Mostraum, Kalle Hennie, Vetle Qvenild Werring, Bjarte Tjøstheim, Rudi Simmons, Silje Marie Korsnes, Herborg Kråkevik, Elyas Mohammed Salim, Stella Stenman, Maria Brandshaug, Simon Lay, John Eckhoff, Emma Rebecca Storvik, Emilie Alsaker
  • Genre: Family
  • Nationality: Norway
  • Year: 2015